"Doesn't this random scattering... seem desperately random - like the elaborations of a bad liar?"


wave particle therapy


covered with incarceration burns
we stumble through the poppy field
drunk on sparkling peridot sunlight
amethyst glowing horizons propelling

hand in hand our paths colliding
as atoms in a synchrotron making
fusing our rose petals rosy
new alloys these steps toward truth

where chemical reactions fear to tread
swirling in glasses of covalent bonds
soluble as formulas worked in reverse
and exploring this logic without end

I mark the paths with quantum numbers
our place defined by Heisenberg’s lot
found uncertainty in deep mineral clay
murky vision these water filled days

fear not my doubtful equations unsolved
minerals hardening across each year
we will calcify each other in perpetuity
and withstand erosion’s eternal rain

written by ladymycroftmansfield and mikeyj529.

twin voices in one vessel
splitting worded half steps
to concuss understanding
until the wavelength shatters

as elastic as worn patience
tested upon a night’s strings
like dual planes of existence
destined for parallel courses

armor heavy with the years
once removed piece by piece
protected not a single breath
from uprooting this continent

a flight unassailed by gravity
received into limitless skies
takes with it unsaid balances
leaving the earth to its dreams

and she with her bent step
while we raided the armory
scattered into wide mouths
sickled raven-fury laughter
of scalloped black tongues

broken keys lay at her feet
crawling in their vagrancies
along an augmented unison
with cadenced bootstamps
sounding the drums of war

was it the thunder or battle
the scamper of our retreat
so bombastic in magnitude
made fleet a prime courage
ready as her singing blade?

Sometimes I want to just call up a band and ask, Hey—can I have the lyrics to this song? I can’t understand a word of them but I can’t stop listening.


the last of an American heritage
covered with incarceration burns
stumbles through the poppy field
drunk on sparkling peridot sunlight
and grins of a poor man’s smile

left holding the pride of Augustus
in a Roman wilderness of shame
the second of three darkened now
doorways aligned through twelve
a family crest burning on the floor

What Mikey learned this week: anyone who gives a long-distance boop is automatically cool for life, fables are fun as hell to write, breakfast really is the cornerstone of a productive day and some (maybe most) people should not be given drivers licenses.

Some Things Aren’t Easily Explained

After three weeks, Kathryn still hadn’t gotten used to the regular beeping of Vince’s heart monitor. As if at any moment its thin buzzing might tell on his failed heart. As if she might forever hear that beeping in her sleep.

The door opened and through it stepped Vivian, Kathryn’s younger sister, carrying two steaming paper cups of tea. Kathryn took one of them with a weary smile and gently blew over the heat, then beheld her sister, who looked as drawn as she felt.

"Want me to take over so you can sleep?" asked Vivian as she peered out the window. The darkness of the room contrasted against the bright sunshine outside.

"I’ll be fine. Thank you."

Vivian crossed the room and took the seat in the farthest corner. “Mom’s worried about you. We all are, really.”

"That’s why I have the best family in the whole world," Kathryn replied absently as she watched Vince. She didn’t think she could do this another three weeks, but it was important to keep going for as long as possible.

"Don’t change the subject." Vivan leaned forward. "He might not even wake up."

"Which makes the fundraiser pretty pointless, I know." Kathryn sipped her tea. "But I love him. What would any woman in my position do?"

"Leave him," Vivian said, her face deadpan. "Make a fresh start of it."

If only it were so easy. How many sleepless nights had Kathryn spent fearing that phone call telling her Vince died in a plane crash while on a business trip? How could she possibly describe the joy she felt when he stepped through the door each time he returned? She bought into the whole till death do you part bit, which made her situation all the more head-scratching.

"You know that’s impossible," Kathryn said at length with a heavy sigh.

"What I know is that he—" Vivian jabbed a finger at Vince— "wouldn’t be here if you were in that bed."

Kathryn tittered. “I wouldn’t be in that bed anyway. And nether would he if—”

"If he loved you," Vivian inserted. "It’s a shame she didn’t turn that wheel a few degrees more."

Kathryn shot Vivian a wilting glance.

"I’m not sorry." Vivian crossed her arms. "And none of us can figure out why you’re doing this."

Before Kathryn could reply, Vivian rose to her feet and left the room. It was just as well. There was no talking to her or the rest of the family about Vince because it would only end with severe (and unsuccessful) browbeatings.

Kathryn drew her chair closer to Vince and traced her fingertips along his forested arm. She let her thoughts drift between happier days and questions of how it all fell apart. Was it something she did? Failed to do? Did he just stop loving her? So many questions, and every one of them exhausted her.

A shudder passed underneath Kathryn’s fingers. She looked up to see Vince awake and looking back at her with bemused fascination. He opened his mouth and a raspy whisper tumbled from it.

"What happened?"

"You know what happened," Kathryn replied pressed her cheek to Vince’s hand. "You’ve been here at the hospital for the last three weeks."

"You know about—?" Vince’s hushed words faltered.


Vince rolled his head away. “Kath… I don’t love you anymore.”

"I know."

"Then why stay?" Vince’s head rolled back. There were tears in his eyes.

Kathryn stood up and leaned over Vince, her eyes searching for any trace of the man she fell in love with. “Everyone thinks your fling was a recent phenomenon, but I know it went on for much longer.”

For a moment, Kathryn hoped the door would open and Vivian would step in to rescue her. But the thought fled as quickly as it came. This was her show. Right up to the end credits.

"It makes no sense," Vince said, closing his eyes to block out the view of Kathryn. "Why spend the energy and money to keep me alive?"

"Because every day you wake up, you will have to face the fact I saved your life." A smile played at the corners of Kathryn’s lips. "I could have let you die, but I wanted you to live with your punishment so maybe you’d think twice in the event of a next time."

She said nothing more and planted a gentle kiss on Vince’s forehead. Silence carried her the room and opened the door, where she gazed at him lovingly for an eternity before slipping through, never to return.

The only thing in this world that gives orders is balls, so take care not to sit on them.

Not Tony Montana