"Doesn't this random scattering... seem desperately random - like the elaborations of a bad liar?"


Good lord, all of this progressed too rapidly. I’m going back to prose, where I can discuss the topics of cocks, hogs and fashion tags dressed in fancy words. 

i was waiting for an erector joke

I couldn’t trust myself at this hour and with so many double entendres floating about… It’s one thing to consciously destroy my image but another to do so unwittingly (and I excel at the latter). 

Yes, so his cock gets a constant ride…some people/cocks are just born that lucky…

Well, not this one………. and I’m stopping with that. I’m sure this can only lead to a bad taste I won’t be able to wash out of my mouth. 

What are you all drinking? LOL!

Adult Kool-Aid, now fortified with more nonsense!

Cane? sorry I thought she said you needed a crane……before

Crane? Yes, I’m in need of that, too. Especially in the morning when I can’t get out of bed. 

LMAOOOO but you would be ‘like a sir’. You know like a sir, right?

It’s like being knighted, right? Quick, who is a king or queen who can night me and make me a “Sir”??? Only then will I adopt a cane.

borrow monkeys motorcycle and you’ll be a hipster fashion king…..

Wait, Monkey has a motorcycle? I must rearrange my life goals (again).

Or perhaps nothing….lol ;P

NOOOOO. My (sometimes) naked face will (sometimes) suffice. The rest of me is not one of those glamour pics I see from you and the other ladies from time to time.