"Doesn't this random scattering... seem desperately random - like the elaborations of a bad liar?"


Late night for writing, but after a week of inactivity due to illness, work-related stress and indie films, it’s good to let loose all the words not needed for my book. Damn I missed you guys. You make writing cool. Well, for me, anyway. And thank you, poetry editor, for doing the poetry tag another injustice. :)

gauge that tinny sound
at the edge of fatigue
likened to cloaked urns
drifting on lunar tides
stretching long to shore
here i am king but
where hides my queen
when this weariness
bears innumerable truths
familiar like specters
shaped deep to the soul?

Setting Fire to the Night

late thoughts set ablaze
with small idea matches 
the whisperings of sleep
lulling mystery from the clouds
offer a few more words
to this ether and ignited 
before we scatter to wind
tossed into morning lost

late-night, last-minute, whiskey-scented collaboration with ladymycroftmansfield and mikeyj529

nothing but a beggar lives in this heart, I told father,
it hungers for things it cannot understand.

he replied, it is better for your heart to possess, to
conjure beggars in the hearts of others.

my heart does not want to possess, I told him, lest
it lays to waste what truly matters most.

soft summer inlets
traipse delicately
in folds of sunlight
kneading on skin

such feelings play
a sweet melody
lovely to the ears
in warmer dreams

golden smiles veil
as loose as clothes
yielding to scents
of orange breezes

innocence ran late
in eclipsed autumn
laughing its delight
to darkness solemn

For the record, Kevin has thrown the gauntlet for a very interesting challenge—a rhyming prose piece. I cannot give one tonight (waaay beyond my capacity right now), but I’ll one up his challenge with a surprise of my own. I’d say stay tuned, but no guarantees on a time frame.

Polls are closed. Overwhelmingly, poetry it is. (But I’ll try and sneak a prose piece in, too)

tracing our slanted lines
was the low vibrato
of a collapsed notebook
you and i were constants
coordinating on planes
rising and falling actions
denouements of dramas
converged upon peril
you left my words standing
to tumble in a stiff wind